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Understanding programming well, is just like understanding any kind of trade or bussiness.

Take building tradesor construction trades for example. In order to build, you need to see the whole picture from the foundation to the finished product and understand every part of it in order to fully appreciate what and why it is.

You can safely say that a computer is simply operated by a a series of on and off switches also called transistors.

So, whatever you are doing in the computer is simply inputing a series of combinations of off and on switches which in turn give you the related output.

The combinations are represented in what is known as the binary code, combinations of 0s and 1s grouped into eight digits or bites

These can contain milions of combinations, therefore to simplify the whole process, engineers have come up with High Level Languages, Assembly Languages, Machine Languages, and the Binary code.

JavaScript is an example of a high level language, more manageable by human beings.

When you write your code, it gets translated into assembly language, then to machine language which the computer understands.

Javascript engine if ECMAScript angine is the computer program that executes JavaScriptcode.

When you write code, the Syntax parser, the interpreter between your code and the computer, also preceded by lexical analyzer, reads your code line by line for any grammatical errors. This however is a topic of another class.

Here we are interested in knowing what Javascript code does and why it does it the way it does.

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