Some of the in built functions in Javascript include the following list:

decodeURI() asin(x) random() max(x,y,z..,n)
encodeURI() asinh(x) round(x) min(x,y,z..,n)
escape() atan(x) sin(x) isInteger()
eval() acos(x) sinh(x) isSafeInteger()
isFinite() ata2(y,x) sqrt(X) toExponential(x)
isNaN() atanh(x) tan(x) toLocaleString()
Number() cbrt(X) tanh(x) toPrecision(x)
parseFloat() ceil(x) trunc(x) toString()
parseInt() cos(x) isFinite()  
String() cosh(x) toFixed(x)  
unescape() exp(x) valueOf()  
parse() exp(x) short  
stringify() floor(x) transient  
abs(x) log(x) var  
acosh(x) pow(x,y) with  

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